Breathing and sports

It doesn't matter if you want to have a relaxed running on the weekend or carry out an intense workout in the evening - breath is the crucial factor for our performance.
With each breath we take we feed our body with Oxygen and get rid of excess Carbon Dioxide.
With the right breathing we maximise Oxygen uptake and we decide how intense we want to train.
If our breathing is economic, it's effortless - this way we also have much more energy for the exercising muscles.

On the other hand if our breathing is not functional, every breath costs precious power.
Our diaphragm can get exhausted which also draws energy, weakens our concentration and we feel it in our legs, which get mashy and heavy.

During exercise breathing should not resolve in stress. On the contrary.
One should be able to breath controlled and relaxed most of the time.
Intense sweating, dehydration and even exercised induced asthma (bronchoconstriction) can usually be reduced.

Success-oriented athletes always want to push their limits and to reach higher potential.
Since the onset of lactic acid and fatigue gets delayed, it's possible to work out with full performance for much longer.
Functional breathing also leads to functional movement and reduces the risk of injury.

Repeated sprint ability, better running economy and better sustained fitness during rest or injury - all that can be achieved by simply breathing "right".

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