Mental health

Our mental state is paramount for our well being, our contentment and a key factor for our lives' quality.

If we are mentally "well positioned", we are more resilient, less vulnerable for stress and we feel balanced and happy.

In fact the mental health is directly connected with our physical constitution.
If we are stressed, overly concerned or sad, our body will get sick eventually.

Unfortunately there is not "the one" symptom, which shows us our mental overload. The physical ailments resulting from a suffering psyche can be quite diverse.
Back- and neck-pain, headaches and migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, skin desease - all can be caused psychosomaticaly and vary from one person to the other.

We often can't change our everyday life and the resulting circumstances.
Stress at work or family, sorrows and hardship can't be "breathed away" either.

But it is extremely helpful for our mental and physical health to develop a Breathwork routine.
These 10, 20 or 30 minutes of conscious breathing in the morning set the course to a more content and successful day.

Do yourself a favour and take responsibility for your health and develop a Breathwork routine.