What is breathwork ?

Breathwork (the german word is "Atem Arbeit") is a term for different breathing exercises which can influence one's mental, emotional and physical state.

Unfortunately breath lost it's importance to many of us today.
We are looking constantly about how, when and what we eat and drink.

If you contrast how long we can stay without food or liquid and how long we can survive without taking a breath, it gets clear pretty soon that breathing is much more important for us to survive.

Oftentimes we simply are ill-advised. Stress Coaches, Fitness- and Lifestyle-Experts suggest to "breathe deep", mostly even with an exhale through the mouth.
We are not aware of the self sabotage of our metabolism and that we work massively against ourselfes when we follow these suggestions.

The knowledge of the "right breathing" is lost in our modern world, unfortunately.
Every healthy baby breaths naturally only through the nose and parents from some indigenous people meticulously make sure that it stays like this.
If children breath through their mouth they bear a higher risk of getting a streched out head posture with a reduced aerobic capacity.
Some people claim that a child that breathes throught their mouth will never reach their full genetic potential.

If we look at the animals world we won't find any mammal which breathes through their mouth.
On the contrary. If they do this can be an indicator for illness.

With specific breathwork everyone has the chance to get back functional breathing.

There are exercises which influence our autonomous nervous system positively and work against stress.
This way we not only imporve our mental health, we also get more resilient to all the challenges and tasks our modern lifestyle brings with it.
We get relaxed, strong and happy!