Stefan Völker

As trainer for functional breathing and Buteyko, Oxygen Advantage and Wim Hof instructor, I will guide you to better health, functional movement, endurance and sleep.
You will find you have more clarity, are more calm and that your decision making is vastly improved.
After our time working together you will probably have less pain, reduced anxiety and fewer negative thoughts.

I am absolutely convinced about the benefits of this method - because I have experienced them myself.
I was an overbreather for decades. Even in early childhood videosyou can see me breathing through an open mouth.
I was plagued by constant breathlessness, stuffy nose and returning sinus infections.

I avoided physical exercise as I was not able to compete with other children the same age.
I became an immobile teenager with musculoskeletal problems (Scheuermann’s disease, knee and back pain).    
None of my doctors and therapists thought about looking at the quality of my breath.
During a Hero’s Journey in 2017 I got a glimpse into the power of my own breath and this was a complete game changer for me.
I began to gather further practical knowledge in meditation, yoga and the Wim Hof Method.
I built on my medical background as a nurse and I finally came across Patrick and the Oxygen Advantage.
Breathing is crucial to our very existence.
Functional breathing is the key to a happy, healthy and resilient life.
And even if you have faulty breathing now - it is never too late to learn to breathe properly.

Today breathing is the red thread that connects me with my innate possibilites. It guides me through the journey of life into a better future.

The Oxygen Advantage brings benefits to everyone.
Whether you are an individual with various symptoms, an athlete who wants to develop further, or if you’re part of a sports team which wants to be more successful in competition.

During one-on-one sessions, I will support and guide you to develop optimal breathing by exploring the Oxygen Advantage® technique.
If you prefer, I also offer group sessions.

I am looking forward to assisting and accompanying you on your way to a healthier breathing.

Oxygen Advantage - a method based on scientific research.